If you’re like most people, it can be really tough saying goodbye when it’s time to clean out closets or move homes. That’s why having your own storage space – whether its in-home or at a facility – is an awesome solution for storing all those items that are too valuable/sentimental to part with!


Storage Buildings for sale in Monroe, NC allow us to keep items we cannot store at home while still being able to access them easily. With storage units, there is no need to worry about clutter as our belongings can be tucked away in a safe and secure place. 


Furthermore, if you are looking for more space to house your possessions, a storage building provides added protection and security against the elements and intruders. It also offers plenty of room to store oversized items such as furniture, garden tools, seasonal decorations, and other household items.


Why Should You Have a Storage Building? 


Having a storage unit or building is convenient. It can save you time and money in the long run, allowing you to focus on essential tasks like spending quality time with your family or pursuing hobbies. 


Storage units and buildings come in various sizes, shapes, and materials to meet all your needs. Whether you need something small to store a few boxes or something large enough for an entire household’s belongings, there is sure to be the perfect fit for your situation.


Also, they provide a great way to keep our possessions safe and secure while freeing up space at home. With plenty of options available, you can easily find the right solution for your specific needs. So take the time to explore these options today – it just might be your best investment!


What Should I Ask When Choosing A Storage Unit?


When choosing a storage unit, you should ask several essential questions. First, you should inquire about the security features of the facility. Are there cameras or other monitoring systems in place? How is access to the units regulated and monitored? Does the facility have onsite staff or guards that patrol the property? Knowing your belongings are secure can provide peace of mind.


Next, consider size and space availability when selecting a storage unit. Ask about unit sizes and availability, as well as how easy it is to move items into and out of the unit. For example, most facilities offer dolls to help renters maneuver their belongings from a car or truck into their space.


Finally, it’s essential to understand all additional fees and costs associated with the unit. Ask about rental rates, deposits, and payment terms for any other services you may need, such as climate control. This can help you budget accordingly and avoid unexpected expenses.


By asking these questions before signing a rental agreement, you will be able to make an informed decision when selecting a storage unit that meets your needs.


Other Considerations


Storage buildings or units can come in handy if you want an extra space where you can put your things away. However, before selecting storage buildings for sale in Monroe NC, consider the following:


  • Security – Ensure to inquire about security measures when selecting a storage facility or building. It should have appropriate security measures in place to help protect your stored items from theft or damage.


  • Size – Select the size that meets your needs today, as well as being able to accommodate potential future needs. Make sure there will be enough room for your belongings and plenty of space to move around.


  • Climate Control – If you are storing items such as electronics, furniture, or clothing, climate control is essential so that your items are not damaged by temperature and humidity changes. Choose a facility with air conditioning, dehumidification, and heating systems to ensure the conditions are appropriately kept for your stored goods.


  • Accessibility – Look for a storage facility or building that offers convenient accessibility. Some facilities offer 24-hour access to your unit, while others may have limited hours. Consider how often you need access to your stored items and select a facility that meets those needs.


  • Cost – It’s important to factor in the cost of renting a storage space when selecting one. Storage units can range from very affordable short-term options to pricier long-term solutions. Before signing on the dotted line, consider all costs associated with the rental agreement, including any fees for deposit or insurance.


  • Foundation: How will you install the foundation? – It’s essential to research the best way to install the foundation for your chosen building. For example, many storage buildings require a concrete or asphalt slab, while others may require you to construct a wooden platform. Before making your final decision, consider any associated costs with installing the foundation. 


  • Insurance – It is also wise to consider taking out an insurance policy when storing items in a storage facility or building. This will cover any potential losses due to damage caused by theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Make sure you understand what types of damages are covered under your policy and which aren’t before signing up for coverage.


  • Safety – When storing your items away, it is crucial to think about safety. Make sure that the storage unit or building you choose has smoke detectors and fire extinguishers installed in case of an emergency. You should also inspect the facility regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear that may cause harm to your stored items.


By considering these considerations and doing some research, you will find the proper storage solution for your needs. That way, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe from harm and easily accessible when needed.


If it’s storage buildings or units you want, Better Built USA has you covered! We have a wide selection of storage buildings and units to choose from in various shapes, sizes, and styles, so you are sure to find something that meets your needs and budget. Plus, our professional team can help guide you through the entire process from start to finish. 


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