Have you out outgrown your living space? Are you sick and tired of tripping over junk in the basement because it is disorganized and filled to the brim? Does your garage no longer serve its primary purpose of sheltering your automobiles because you need it for storage? It is time to turn to Google and search for ‘storage buildings near me’?

In fact, you will probably be surprised by the plethora of options whether you are looking for a rental or would like to buy your own storage unit. Commercial lots that rent self-storage are increasing their range of size options to accommodate anything from the needs of your average homeowner with a little extra clutter to a full-fledged housing of tools and equipment for a business. Manufacturers that specialize in storage sheds offer the ability to customize if you are unsatisfied with the predefined units. The selection is only growing!

General Self-Storage

If you spend twenty minutes or more traveling through your average city you are likely going to pass multiple signs that advertise self-storage. These rentals are popular because very few force you to sign a contract. You simply choose the size of storage you need, pay by the month, and so long as you abide by the lease’s stipulations, the company generally leaves you alone. A search of ‘storage buildings near me’ will also tell you about self-storage units that install security measures such as a surrounding fence, gate with a passcode and/or surveillance cameras in order to thwart robberies. Lastly, do not forget to ask about climate-controlled storage units that provide heating and/or air conditioning for temperature-sensitive material or products being stored.

Commercial Storage

Similar to self-storage these lots are often bigger in order to accommodate the demands of local businesses that either need garage or barn-size storage for tools and equipment. A lot of these properties also rent out parking areas for campers, boats, RVs and trailers if you need somewhere to park these seasonal vehicles.

Home Storage

Not satisfied with your Google search of ‘storage buildings near me’? The next option is to consider buying and installing a storage shed, storage barn or loft on your very own property. There are a lot more upfront costs, of course, but home storage is much more convenient to you – the homeowner. If you do go the home storage route consider all the ways you can modify the unit to your wants and needs. And no, you do not have to be a master craftsman to build it yourself as several companies specialize in producing and/or installing home storage sheds or barns.