What is the difference between storage sheds and storage barns?

It largely comes down to the size of the storage space. Sheds are usually 20 feet by 20 feet or it transforms more into a carport, garage or shop. Storage barns have a tendency to be large and, though not exclusive to agriculture, common with farms and ranches.

Storage barns are absolutely ideal for backyard storage, man-caves or workshops. In addition to providing a larger space for your storage or activities, barns are usually fitted with not a single but double door for more convenient access. Windows are another option and help provide natural lighting if you plan to use the structure more as a shop or workspace.

The high walls of storage barns provide more space for storage and some are even equipped with a loft – a luxury that your average storage shed is incapable of providing.  Though your stereotypical barn is made of wood with a red roof, storage barns are more customizable these days. You also have the option of using vinyl or metal for the exterior, as well as metal or shingles on the roof.

In general, storage barns are a fantastic addition to any property that has the necessary space to house it. Not only will it add significant value to the property if you ever go to sell it, but will also be a welcomed addition while you remain living there. Barns can serve as storage or workspace. They even have the capacity to do both.

Here is only a starter list of the types of operations that can be conducted under the roof of a new barn:

  • Agricultural
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Body Collision Repair
  • Construction
  • Feed Storage
  • Irrigation
  • Landscape
  • Manufacturing
  • Ranching
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Woodworking

Do you have any grand plans for a shop from home? What types of storage barns would you consider? Do you prefer metal, vinyl or wood for the exterior of your storage unit/workspace?