There are a ton of variations of wooden storage buildings! What is so cool about wood sheds or barns built for storage is that they are very customizable and not just limited to the height, length, or width. Yes, wooden storage buildings can be modified to the precise inch, therefore providing you with the exact amount of square footage you need for additional storage, though that is not the only way they may be customized.

Are you short on space and could use some additional storage room for extra furniture or appliances? Perhaps you are someone that really gets into Christmas, yet all those lights and decorations are only presented a couple months out of the year and need a temporary home for the rest of it? Or maybe your hobbies coincide with something outdoors such as gardening? It would make a lot more sense to store all of your tools and lawn care products outside after all.

The most important thing to remember is that new wooden storage buildings are completely yours (assuming you purchase it or rent to own, of course). Consequently, there is no limit to how you can decorate the storage unit after the initial installation. Here are but a few suggestions:

  • Select the type of wood: So you decided that you want to go with wood? The next question is what type of wood? There are several different kinds and the number of options will depend on your budget as some types of wood are far more expensive compared to others. Cedar and pine, for example, are popular because they have a good reputation in regards to construction, and are also affordable. On the contrary, redwood, maple, oak and cherry are all stunning but cost a pretty penny. Also, because the weather can be hard on exterior wood, if you would like to incorporate one or more of the more expensive types, you might consider doing it inside the unit for shelving or a desk.
  • Paint the shed: After you decide what type of wood you will use for the exterior, now it is time to make it look stylish. The most common approach is to match wooden storage buildings to the shade or shades of the house. Of course this always looks consistent and pleasing though it is not your only option. A good way to add value to the structure is to have a different color for the trim (i.e. white) compared to the color that dominates the majority of the exterior (i.e. navy blue).
  • Do you really like to watch birds fly in the sky? Are you a fan of dolphins casually swimming in bunches just off the Pacific or Atlantic coasts? Wooden storage buildings are an awesome way to show off your self-interests. Here is your chance to get really creative and make the storage unit completely unique to you! It could be something as simple as mounting silhouettes of geese flying on a side wall of the storage building or a variety of funny signs that say things like ‘Men at Work’ or ‘On this site in 1877: Nothing Happened’.
  • If you really want to go above and beyond (and lack the natural talent yourself) why not hire a professional artist to do paint a mural on a side wall or something extremely individualistic? And, if you do have the talent, now is the chance to show it off with a new project that could last days or weeks!

Wooden Storage Buildings