What is the first image that comes to mind when someone mentions the term: outdoor storage? Chances are you probably responded with wood sheds. Wood has and continues to serve as the primary source of exterior for storage units located outside. There are a number of reasons as to why.

#1. Wood sheds look terrific.

The primary reason a lot of homeowners opt for wood is that it is very compatible. You can paint it to match the rest of the property allowing it to blend in with its surroundings far more than metal or plastic structures. Perhaps you decide to repaint your home with a new color five years down the road. You can then also repaint the shed to match. Simply put, wood sheds are aesthetically pleasing.

#2. They are highly adaptable.

Why did you decide to implement an outside storage unit in the first place? Because you needed extra room for items that you either did not want stored inside the home or were too large, etc. If this is true, then why would you not want a storage unit that is adaptable? Wood sheds are very much so, because they are far easier to modify to specific desires and demands. If not at first, wood can be easily be adjusted later on down the road if, for example, you decide you add more interior shelving or windows for the exterior.

And because they are easier to adapt, they also lend themselves to a greater variety of uses. A shed equipped with a window and power can easily be turned into a home office or a quiet place to indulge in hobbies and crafts.

#3. Wood sheds serve multiple purposes.

A very common use of sheds made of wood is landscaping or gardening. It is like yin and yang: the two seem to go together with each other quite well. One reason for it may be related to how messy landscape and garden tools can get with dirt. With a shed that is primarily or exclusively constructed of wood, the floor is easy to sweep out and there is very little needed otherwise to keep it clean inside.

#4. They are affordable.

It may depend on the manufacturer, but wood sheds are not all that expensive. Costs can be further eliminated if you plan to purchase the wood yourself and build the unit from scratch or use a pre-designed kit. Price saving is especially noteworthy when you compare to metal storage sheds composed of high-grade steel, though wood is rarely as cheap as plastic.