Every car owner is responsible for providing shelter for their vehicle. However, this will not just keep their cars from incidents or unexpected incidents. A garage or carport is usually connected or separated from the main house. It shows where cars are intended to reside. Although we are already familiar with carports and garages, it is still confusing how these two differ from each other.  


Garage vs. Carports 

Upon deciding which car shelter is the best for your vehicle, you need to consider and balance the quality and costs of the property. We know how valuable and expensive all vehicles are. Thus, these vehicles certainly need protection from environmental conditions. As you go through the decision of choosing what can be best, there are different styles of garages and carports that you can use to help you in the decision process. 


What is the function of garages and carports?

Like humans, our house is formed in different styles and structures. This is where we live, eat, sleep, rest, and do other domestic activities. 

It protects us from extreme weather conditions and calamities. Likewise, in cars, getting a shelter that protects them from any instances is through garages or carports installations. 

  • Garage: The garage can completely protect your car from the sun, rain, snow, or other calamities. It also provides secured shelter for tools, car equipment, home excess accessories, and appliances. Also, it helps the homeowners lessen their worries about unexpected accidents.
  • Carports: The carport has the same role as the garage, which is to provide shelter to cars and protect them from other elements. However, carports are ideal for owners who wish to build a super affordable place while delivering a quality house for cars.


Structural feature of garage vs. carports

The main difference between the garage and carport is seen in their physical appearance on how they were constructed. The different structure features contribute to their functionality.

  • Garage: The garage structure is enclosed, with walls, doors, garage gate, windows, and access doors to the main house. It has locks to secure your car as well as the safety of the household.  
  • Carports: In contrast to the garage, carports are open-sided area with a roof but doesn’t have walls, doors, or windows. It provides open-sided shelter to cars which is very convenient and easy to access. Also, carports are less expensive, easy to construct, and functional for workshops, gathering sites, and play areas for kids. 


Advantages of garage vs. carports

Garage: The fully enclosed garage structure is already considered an advantage for full-coverage protection. Not just from the unforeseen weather conditions, the garage may protect our assets from thieves or robbers. It will lessen our worries by entrusting our vehicle with a fully enclosed shelter. The garage may also serve as a workplace for woodworks, metal works, and other workshop activities. 

 Carports: Although carports are open-sided, it still provides many advantages to the car and the homeowners. Mainly, carports protect vehicles from weather conditions. This space does not just offer one function. Carports are also an excellent alternative space for gatherings, workspace for dads, and a good nest when you like to stay outside. The structure guarantees affordability and quality compared to the garage.


The disadvantage of garage vs. carports

Garage: The garage fully covers your cars from extreme weather conditions, so the structure is quite expensive. The construction is pretty similar to houses, but it has costly features such as the garage gate, floor ground, lighting, and many more. Aside from that, it will take longer to construct the garage.

 Carports: Obviously, the open-sided features of the carports do not guarantee complete security for your car. Other people can even touch the vehicle. 


 Why should you get a carport rather than a garage?

In terms of balancing quality and affordability, a carport is highly recommended than a garage. As mentioned above, a garage is quite expensive to construct and takes a long process. But to be more specific about the benefits of carports, check out the helpful tips below. 

  • Due to the open-sided features of carports, it is less expensive and easy to construct than a garage.
  • Carports are versatile. Aside from being a car shelter, a carport can be turned into workshops, bonding spots for families, a play area for kids, and other outdoor activities as it provides roof cover from the rain, sun, or snow.
  • It doesn’t require too much space.
  • Accessible and easy to use. It is convenient to use, especially when you take a lot of packages or groceries with you. In just a second, you can already go up or leave your trunk without any hassle of opening a gate or doors. 
  • Carports are the best shelter for protecting your car from the elements of nature and its surroundings. 
  • Carports can fit any vehicle. It can be constructed in any size you desire.
  • Carports are environmentally and electricity friendly. A carport doesn’t require you any equipment to operate. A lightbulb is the only important thing to give light to your car shelter. 
  • Aesthetically speaking, the carport is an excellent idea for stylus houses that gives minimalist vibes to your home. 


How to build a carport? 

Building your carport is possible if you have available instruments, tools, equipment, and other materials. The good thing about this structure, it doesn’t require construction following the building code. However, consulting and asking for help from professionals are highly recommended. 


Steps in building a carport

  1. Measure first the area you wish to build your carport. The dimensions will help you decide how much money you’ll be spending to make your carport. 
  2. Make sure your chosen location is suitable and gives enough space for your vehicle.
  3. Construct the plan and prepare the materials needed. 
  4. Build the foundation of the carport.
  5. Dig holes for your post
  6. Create the frames for the structure and install the beams.
  7. Then install the roof.
  8. Lastly is the finishing of the carport.


Materials To Be Used:

Regarding the materials, you may optionally choose the style of your carports.

  • Wood: Concerning durability and strength, no doubt wood is known for this. Aside from that, its classic presence may add to the house’s aesthetic. However, after a long time of rain and sun exposure, wood may eventually permeate, causing them to rot.
  • Metal and Steel: Likewise, metal and steel are strong and long-lasting materials suitable for carports. There are also companies offering ready-to-install quality carports ideal for any weather conditions. This will let you build your carports for a short period with the help of professionals. Furthermore, metal and steel will not decay, unlike in the woods.

Although carports are way easier to build than garages, it is still better to ask for help from veteran workers. The Better Built USA is specialized in constructing quality and affordable carports. It is not just a carport but also a structure that will add value to your property. You are the boss! Choose the style and color you want. To learn more about our company services, you may visit our website or call our service hotline. Let Better Built USA build your dream carports for you!