Need garage door repair? You’re not alone. A quick Google search for “garage door repair” brings up 1.5 million results! So, who do you trust to fix your broken garage door? This can be a tough question to answer, but we’re here to help.

How to tell if your garage door is in need of repair

Is your garage door giving you trouble? Are you not sure if it’s time for a repair or just a little maintenance? Belos is an outline of some of the most common warning signs so that you can be proactive in getting the necessary repairs done before it’s too late.

  • Slow opening/closing of Garage Door – Slow garage door opening or closing is honestly frustrating, especially in an urgent situation. This certainly happens when there is a lack of lubrication that contributes to its slowness. In fact, lubrication should be done regularly to keep your garage door working smoothly and properly. Another cause of this problem is the incorrect programming of the speed of operation which causes it to move slowly.
  • System Malfunction –  When the garage door is not opening even though you have already switched the controller or button, it might be due to a defect in the battery, a broken remote control, or the power supply lines are disconnected from the main source. Whatever it is, getting a professional to repair system malfunctions will definitely solve the problem. 
  • Unusual and Disturbing Noise – If your carport’s door is creating too much loud and unusual noises, this calls for immediate repair and must be taken action. Some components of your garage door will be needing repair when it shows signs of unusual whining and rattling noise. The possible root of the problem can be due to insufficient roller lubrication, loose bolts or nuts, or a problem in spring.
  • Worn-out garage door – If your garage door is quite old, its component structures are also aging, which means, repairing and replacement should be done to keep it in full operation. If not fixed, its overall components will eventually stop. 

Finding the best company for garage door repair

If your garage door is malfunctioning and shows signs of repairs, do not ignore and ask for immediate help from the most trusted company. Yet, finding the best company to do the work is not an easy task and a difficult decision to make since you need to take investment risks. In choosing the best company for your garage repair, the following must be taken into consideration:

    • Online Websites. The Internet is a very helpful platform for answering various related questions. If you don’t know someone who can fix your garage door, the best way is to search online and look for possible companies with higher customer ratings and reviews. But you have to make sure that you are searching for a legit and certified service company that specializes in repairing garage doors. Website companies like Better Built USA are providing numerous services that have been verified and commended by former clients.  Furthermore, our contact information is specified on the site so you can reach us for more information and inquiries.
    • Consider checking the warranty and contracts for the offer. Aside from verifying the services and products that the company has to offer, it is also important and a must to check for warranties and customer agreements that they have to provide. Assessing the service agreements is worth your penny as well. You must also take note that these agreements ensure accountability and the company’s liability when problems arise after providing garage door repairs.
    • Check the Ratings and Level of Satisfaction of the company. A company’s background reviews and ratings are varying factors that you also have to consider in finding the best garage door repair company. Check their records, proof of their service, and the evaluations of the company from previous clients if they achieve a level of satisfaction and commendations. A well-reputed service company will always be proud of these achievements which you can easily see in their company’s profile. 
  • Consider their Pricing. Try to compare prices from various companies. Although it is an advantage for us to find a cheaper and affordable option, we must not neglect the quality of service that they can provide. Check with other companies the various services they offer while considering the price. If the review is commendable, then that means, the company is doing well regardless of how high its price value is. But if you’ve seen numerous reviews where clients are making complaints about their affordable price but low-quality service output, then you better look to other sites that can guarantee quality work. 
  • Consider their Experience and Level of Expertise. If the company is just starting in this industry, you might as well look for other companies with higher experience levels and expertise. This is not a cruel choice, but this is a smart decision to make as it will affect your budget for repairs. Getting the right company will ensure quality work and return on investment. You can check their licenses and training certifications to verify their experience level. Compared to other companies, Better Built USA is composed of well-trained, licensed, and professional service workers that have sufficient experience in carport repairs and maintenance. 


Benefits of hiring a professional for garage door repair

Garage door repair can be a complex task, depending on the extent of the damage. Many homeowners try to fix garage doors on their own, but this often leads to further damage and inconvenience. It’s always best to hire a professional for garage door repair to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a pro for garage door repair: 

    • Saves Money for Multiple Restorations and Repairs. Getting a skilled person to do the job will prevent any unexpected repairs and restorations in the future that constitutes higher costs and expenses.
  • Quality and Assurance – With a professional garage door technician, you are not just expecting your property to be fixed, you can guarantee high-quality, skilled services and future assurance as it will be much more durable than its previous condition.
  • On-Time Schedule – You can also ensure the completion of work on your set deadline which also means no long-term labor costs will happen since these professionals can flexibly work ahead of time.
  • Workforce Quality – Lastly, they provide workforce quality as these people can fulfill their duties and demonstrate expertise in repairing garage doors. 

If you have already experienced system failure in your garage door, this is the time to seek assistance from professionals to lessen and avoid future damage. Luckily, Better Built USA is here to help you work on any repairs for your garage door or carport. So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today! We provide the best quality service to keep your home secured and liveable. Call us now!