Benefits of “Green” Storage

“Green” storage has been a term that has been used over time to describe a cost effective way of securing storage in Rock Hill SC while preventing environmental damage. In fact, there are so many choices nowadays to create an eco-friendly technology that is also cheaper to acquire.

Development of storages using steel has proven to be an easier, affordable, eco-friendly and energy efficient solution. That is because steel blends completely with all sorts of architectural designs. In addition, steel complies with most local regulation policies.

However, steel should be installed by a profession to make it strong enough to prevent environment damage, something common with storage in Rock Hill SC. Here are other three reasons why storages are completely eco-friendly:

It’s Recyclable

Believe it or not, steel is completely recyclable. Surprisingly, it is the most recycled metal in the planet having over 70% of it recycled and used for other purposes.  As a result of this, steel has reduced water and air pollution by 85% – something that cannot be achieved by alternative storage materials.

“Heat Island” Effect

Heard of the “heat Island” effect? Well, if you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a phenomenon where sun rays cause cities to have extra hot summers. Steel works very different lacking the “heat Island” making it one of the best eco-friendly metals.

Steel has good coating which reflects off the excess heat damaging these rays and preventing the “heat Island” effect.

Lower Emissions

For a very long time, the steel industry has been working hard to make more energy efficient plants across the various power plants in the country. In fact, Rock Hill SC storages made of steel do not produce carbon dioxide making it safer for the environment.

How Best Better Built Can Serve You

Working with Better Built means, “Going Green.” Better Built works with all its clients to ensure that they are getting the best out of their budget while preventing environmental destruction.