Charlotte NC is one of the best places to go if you are seeking self-storage of any kind. It is the most populated city in North Carolina therefore providing more options for self-storage regardless of the purpose. Do you plan to rent or own a storage shed, barn, cottage or loft? It does not really matter as there are a plethora of varieties regardless of it being a rental or something you purchase to own. There are also a variety of building materials for the exterior as well as interior including wood, vinyl and metal. While competition for storage in Charlotte NC may be fiercer, a larger selection does breed competition where you are likely to find a killer deal or monthly rental rate with an appropriate amount of shopping around.

Not only is Charlotte the largest city in the state of North Carolina, it is actually the second largest city in the southeastern United States, trailing only Jacksonville, Florida. Charlotte also continues to rank among the top ten of the fastest growing major cities in the United States. As a result, expect storage sheds, storage barns, storage cottages and lofts to continue to be in high demand throughout the next decade.

What are the different types of storage available in Charlotte NC:

  • Storage Sheds: Storage sheds are usually the smallest type of storage unit. There are very small sheds that may be around 5’ x 5’ or 10’ x 10’. Sheds can be much larger if needed for commercial purposes
  • Storage Buildings: Compared to a storage shed, storage buildings are much larger. They can also fall under the category of a garage if it has a large horizontal or vertical sliding door. Storage buildings present a huge amount of storage area and are generally built with wood or metal.
  • Carports: Carports are like garages but not completely enclosed. They usually do not have a door in the front yet still provide overhead shelter like a garage.
  • Storage Barn: Not just restricted to rural use for agricultural purposes – storage barns can also be headquarters for several different types of small businesses including landscapers and mechanics.
  • Storage Cottage or Loft: Lofts and cottages are a lot like barns though they also provide a loft area for additional storage near the ceiling of the structure.

No matter what storage in Charlotte NC you decide to go with you will not be disappointed. From residential to commercial requirements, storage buildings are a great way to add value to your home or business.