Why does it feel like we can never stay ahead of our cluster of household items such as appliances, furniture, electronics and tools? Sure, we may not need an extra sofa at the moment, but who could possibly pass up this deal?! No, my washer and dryer are perfectly fine but what if one is to break down tomorrow? My neighbor just offered one for free so I got to take him up on it, right?

These are the small dilemmas we are faced with that eventually lead to excess clutter. Some of the items we have in storage could be very useful down the road or have sentimental value. Other items are probably junk, yet there has not been enough time to sort through them all. But if there is not enough room in the house, where does it go? Storage buildings?

It is important that we do not limit ourselves to only one option. It is a very single-minded approach and rarely do we exercise the same judgement as a consumer when it comes to investing in practically anything else for that matter. Therefore do not only limit your search to rental storage buildings in the area that are often pricey for the amount of space they provide. Additionally, commercial properties are inconvenient as they are not all that close to your home and require time and gas money to visit simply to grab a tool or something of that nature from it.

Consequently, the market for residential storage buildings has exploded over the last couple of decades. Homeowners are no longer settling on commercial rentals and opting instead for a unit they can own and place directly on their own lot. In the end, it all depends on personal preference but the critical point that should be addressed is that you should never limit your options.