When it comes to finding self-storage you may believe that these types of units only exist in large metropolitan areas in South Carolina such as Greenville and Charleston. However, that is simply not true. In smaller communities, such as Spartanburg SC storage buildings are very common. In fact, for a population of just over 37,000 people, the business of storage buildings in Spartanburg is thriving.

The second largest of the Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson northwestern region of SC – the Upstate remains a popular transportation hub from Charlotte, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia. Therefore, where one may have trouble locating affordable and feasible storage within these massive cities, it is not too far out of the way to find suitable and affordable storage buildings in Spartanburg SC.

Established in 1785, Spartanburg was named for the Spartan Regiment, a local military force that fought during the American Revolutionary War. The city has since taken upon itself a very revolutionary approach to self-storage. Whether you only need to find a commercial self-storage facility that rents out space of all sizes on a per-month basis, or you plan to purchase and install your own storage building in your backyard, there are lots of solutions within Spartanburg.

Much like Greenville, storage buildings in Spartanburg SC are very closely tied to manufacturing, as the town is also a major producer of textiles. In fact, textile mills sprang up during the late 19th century, and continue to serve as the world headquarters and research facility for Milliken & Company. Spartanburg also has a local BMW manufacturing facility and nearby Wofford College provides additional storage for students confined to tight living spaces such as dorms or apartments.

In terms of weather, items stored inside commercial or home storage buildings in Spartanburg are not subject to a lot of major concerns though the climate is subtropical with intense humidity during the summers. Therefore, plan in advance if you have items stored that require strict room temperatures. Next time you are thinking about storage buildings Spartanburg SC is definitely the place to go.