Avoiding Pest Infestation in Your Storage Building

Nobody likes unwelcome visitors in their home – unless it’s a puppy or a kitten – especially when pests infest your home. Sadly, keeping them out of your home is quite easy as compared to storage buildings in SC and much of that being attributed to the fact that people don’t often stay in storage buildings. That’s why it is important to have an exterminator frequently visit your storage building, better yet finding techniques that greatly reduce the likelihood of having pests. Here are some ways to techniques of reducing such infestations:


Bear in mind that the main reason why your SC storage buildings may be heavily infested is due to the fact that no one lives inside it. So, what does being proactive really mean? It’s simply using plastic containers with lids that seal tightly. That’s the easiest way of reducing the infestation. Remember that mice cannot chew through and thus makes it a great way of stacking your valuable items.

Don’t Put Packed Food Items

Not only does a packed food item violate the terms of your rental agreement, but also it attracts pests to your storage building. Packed food is more or less a sign that says, “Hey mice are you hungry? Come get food here!”

Wrap All Sofas and Mattresses

Sadly, mice are known to eat off sofas and mattresses – pretty nasty stuff. Therefore, for you to prevent this, you may need to wrap both the sofa and the mattress. Furthermore, this prevents the mice from leaving a trail of urine everywhere it goes.

Move “Alone”

While you’re loading items into your moving truck, avoid carrying some unwelcomed “passengers” along the trip. The same “passengers” may decide to move it too. To ensure you’ve left them, cover your appliances and furniture making them free of critters.

Use Non-Harmful Chemicals

If there’s heavy infestation, then you’ll have to go the long way – using non-harmful chemicals. This means that the chemicals only react to pests and not humans. You can begin by spraying the walls, floor and ceiling of the unit. In addition, you can use baits to trap pests such as mice in your storage buildings SC.