In our decades of experience watching customers come through the door either seeking to rent a storage unit for months to years or another with the intention of finally adding that outdoor wood storage shed he or she always wanted – the fact remains that self-storage will always be in demand. It is actually likely only to increase as the population grows and the majority collects more than it gives away. Even if one does his or her very best  to stay organized and to only own what is needed – What is one to do you with heavy and bulky items that take up so much space in the garage or basement (if you are so fortunate to have one)? Where do you park next when your teenager turns 16 and the single or double car garage combined with the driveway is one short of accommodating all the vehicles?

Storage buildings rent to own is a hot topic in the current marketplace and rightfully so. It presents the potential buyer with an intriguing offer. Instead of parking your car or other machinery inside a lot miles away and not exactly convenient to access – one can envision a future where storage buildings rent to own are established on their own personal property and eventually fully owned. It is the same feeling you get when you finally had enough of a down payment and qualified for a mortgage to buy your first house. You, my friend, are moving up in the world!

Storage buildings rent to own can store some of your more precious items:

  • Automobiles: It may be a classic or simply another vehicle that you not use on a daily basis. Regardless, you want to keep it clean and out of the elements. Storage buildings and carports are an outstanding solution.
  • Antiques/Collectibles: Not all antiques are small and can be stored in a closet. Chances are you own an antique because it has sentimental value or is worth a lot of money, if not both. Therefore you need a structure that is safe and secure.
  • Appliances: Almost every single household appliance is not only heavy but hard to get rid of. If you need to store that old washer or dryer for a little while until you can take it to the dump, a storage unit fulfills that purpose as well.
  • Recreational: Your camper or RV may only be used four to five months out of the year. Where do you store it during the offseason? Likewise, the same question must be asked of your boat, jet ski, ATV or any other type of recreational piece of equipment you own.
  • Heavy Equipment: Whether you own a farm or ranch, or run a family business that requires heavy equipment, this machinery is invaluable to the success of your day-to-day operation.

What storage buildings rent to own have you been considering?