Storage buildings in Greenville SC are quickly becoming a hot commodity as the city has recently been recognized by various national publications, including CNN Money, as one of the ‘Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the United States’. Bloomberg went as far as to recognize the city as the third strongest job market in 2010. People seem to be flooding to Greenville and rightfully so. The fast-growing community is thriving with a rich culture and plenty of new employment opportunities.

The city had a reported population of nearly 65,000 persons in the 2015 population census officially designating it as the sixth largest municipality in South Carolina. Therefore, if you are in desperate search of storage buildings in Greenville SC the journey to find storage of an appropriate size should not last too long regardless of whether you plan to own or rent.

Commercial self-storage facilities are abundant and feature small 5’ x 5’ or 10’ x 10’ units that can quickly escalate to large garages or barns capable of supplementing the needs of local businesses.

Once hunted by the notorious Cherokee Native Americans, it seems like these days, storage buildings in Greenville SC are being targeted more than anything. It is especially true of young professionals as Forbes recently confirmed that Greenville was one of the top destinations for 20 and 30-something individuals.

Much like the more recognizable Charlotte, North Carolina – Greenville compares seasonally with a very similar climate. Based in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, objects packed and located within storage buildings in Greenville SC do need to be mindful of the Piedmont region that has short yet cold winters and extremely humid summers. Consequently, pay special attention to storing anything that may be sensitive to climates with a lot of humidity.

Long regarded as ‘The Textile Capital of the World’, other corporations have since invested in Greenville including the aforementioned young professionals that are rushing to the region. As a result, storage buildings in Greenville SC are used for a variety of purposes and, with the small yet bustling Furman University within city limits, self-storage facilities are also a welcomed home for college students often restricted to the small confines of a dorm room or apartment.