What to Do if You Have a Lot of Stuff and No Extra Room in Charlotte, NC

We’ve all been there: one day we wake up, and all of a sudden we’re surrounded by a ton of extra stuff we probably don’t need. Most of the time, we just need to do a little bit of spring cleaning and part with the stuff we don’t need. But, other times we realize the extra items we have are important and we need more space. But, what do you do if you seem to have no extra space in your house? Continue below to find out!

Purchase New Furniture

At first, this seems extremely expensive for an unnecessary reason. But, when you take a step back and think about it, it’s a smart idea. In recent years, furniture has become more innovative and creative. Nowadays, you can find couches with hidden compartments, tables with extra drawers, bed frames with shelves, and even foot rests with a hollowed out interior to store extra belongings. While this solution might not be suitable for everyone’s budget, it’s definitely a great alternative for people who have a ton of small-sized items and a flexible budget.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Most people who have extra items and no place functional to put them tend to keep their extra belongings in a disorganized fashion. In other words, their items are usually thrown on top of each other in closets, under beds, and even out in the open. Thus, a good solution is to purchase organizational shelves, baskets, boxes, and units to organize your belongings. You would be amazed of how much more you could fit into your attic if you stored everything effectively.

Build a Storage Building

If you have a ton of extra belongings and absolutely no extra room in your house, building a storage unit would be your best bet. Storage buildings in Charlotte, NC have recently become popular. So, you can easily find inspiration anywhere. Storage buildings in Charlotte, NC are useful and functional because they allow people to organize and store their extra belongings in a quick and efficient manner.

Aside from storing items, storage buildings in Charlotte, NC have been used as offices, gyms, and even guest houses. Thus, Charlotte, NC storage buildings can easily be transformed from a basic storage unit to the perfect place to relax.

Think Vertically

If you’ve maxed out your horizontal options, consider storing items vertical. A common example of this is installing a vertical bookcase or storage unit.

Use Windows and Doors

In a last attempt to store extra belongings, utilize your windows and doors. You could store smaller items on a small windowsill, and even store larger items there if you have window seats. As for doors, you can utilize a cheap shoe organizer as a hanging door organizer. Simply place this organizer on the back of any door, then place your belongings in it. This is especially useful for bathrooms and closets.