Shed & Storage Building Decorating Ideas

Sheds & storage buildings used to be only used as places to store extra belongings. While the exterior of sheds & storage buildings mattered, people didn’t spend an overwhelming amount of time designing an aesthetically pleasing shed or storage building. But, in recent years home design has become extremely popular. Nowadays, people are using their sheds & storage buildings for other reasons other than solely storing extra stuff. That being said, modern sheds & storage buildings come in virtually every size, design, and style. If you’re thinking about purchasing a shed or storage building, here are some ways you could decorate your building!

Garden Inspired

Tap into traditional shed and storage building designs by creating the perfect garden-inspired building. Simply place your shed or storage building right in the middle of a garden. You can tailor your garden to your personal preferences and gardening abilities. This design trend is great because you can practice your gardening skills, which are proven to enhance creativity and reduce stress.

Mini Barn

Sometimes it seems like design trends only want to embrace luxury. But, this shed and storage building trend will embrace the little things in life. If you live in the country, or have a rustic style home, consider styling your shed or storage building after a mini barn. If you want your building to have a classic barn appeal, make sure the exterior paneling is red, windows are white, and roof is a light gray.


Design your shed or storage building with a greenhouse in mind. This minimalistic and modern design is perfect for people who love horticulture and want to practice it throughout the year. If you’re worried about your belongings being too exposed in your all-glass building, simply install blinds or curtains around the walls, or limit the amount of glass on the ceiling.

Home Inspired

Who says your shed or storage building has to look like an extra storage unit? If you’re feeling extra design savvy, design your storage unit similarly to your home. This is a great idea for people who plan on eventually using their storage unit as a guest room.