Tips for Using Self-Storage Units

If you have your own self-storage and you’re looking forward to lease some of your space, there are several tips you should be aware of. Bear in mind that most of these tips will not be mentioned out rightly by your clients but are some of things they’d wish to have in their leased Concord NC self-storage buildings.

On the other hand, if you choose to store your valuables inside your self-storage in Concord NC, these tips could greatly help you to store without any inconveniences. You will find the valuables in the same shape as you had left them. Here are some amazing tips you should always consider:

Avoid Contact with Floor

Do not allow your clients’ valuable items to come into contact with the floor. That is because you’re not assured that melting snow will not ruin the stored items you have. If they have a sofa, keep it intact so that things such as melting snow will not be soaked by the sofa.

Have a Wrap for Almost Anything

Whatever can be wrapped should be wrapped. Knowing things are sealed will prevent them from coming into contact with dust or dirt. In addition, mice and rats will not have the pleasure to eat them off.

Have Special Preparations In case there’s Temperature Change

Change of temperature is familiar phenomenon that affects several parts of the country. Regardless of whether it is extremely cold or hot, it is harmful to your items. Things such as electronics and old photos are greatly affected by change in temperature. Ensure you have doubled wrapped them to prevent this.

Provide/Have a Good Lock

One of the simplest ways of attracting more clients in your self-storage or of being certain of extreme protection from thieves is ensuring that you have a good hefty lock; such kinds of locks aren’t easily accessible by using just a bolt cutter.

Working with a Professional Company?

Having a secure self-storage unit should be at the top of your list. However, it becomes a challenge when you’re looking forward to working with likeminded individuals. That is why you should consider getting help from Better Built to help you out with your Concord NC self-storage unit.

We are fast and respond to urgent matter within a short period of time. IF you’d want to have your own self-storage, feel free to contact us.