Rent to Own Storage Buildings in SC

Better Built understands that many homeowners will at some point require storage buildings and will need a rent to own option because finances are not available to outright purchase a storage building at the time. Everyone should be able to have the option of extra storage to make their life more uncluttered and useful. In SC, we offer a rent to own program so that this dream can become a reality.

Instead of using a storage rental that will continue forever, never giving you the ownership option, using the rent to own option for your storage building allows you to pay for your building as you go, and when you are finished paying for it, you will own your storage buildings on your SC property. This allows you to easily access your items without driving across town or struggling to find the specific item in a cluttered mess inside your house.

Your monthly cost will be relatively the same as a commercial storage option, but rent to own makes life so much easier! After you apply for the rent to own program, you will pay a security deposit and the first month’s rental fee. Then you can choose from among the available types of storage buildings. You can pay until you own the building, at which point the security deposit fee will be returned to you. If you decide that you do not wish to keep the building, you can return it at any time. Contact us, and we will promptly remove the storage building from your SC property.

We offer the option of paying off your storage building early if you choose so that you will own it sooner. Wait times for storage building installation vary depending on the time of year. Contact Better Built, who serves NC and SC with amazing customer service and quality assurance every time. Our rent to own service can renovate your life.