Rent To Own Storage Buildings in NC

Rent to own storage buildings seem inaccessible to many homeowners in NC. It seems as if it may be easier to pay a rental fee at a commercial facility. However, the benefits of having a storage building on your property is the strength of a rent to own program. You pay off your shed as you rent it.

Better Built can help you understand how rent to own works for you as a NC homeowner. It is not complicated.

First of all, rent to own a storage building is not financing – you are renting a building, paying no interest. You are at no obligation to buy the shed, but if you rent it for a long enough period of time, rent to own storage buildings become your own property. This is a very convenient option that you will not always find when renting other properties in NC. If you decide you would like the purchase the storage building early, you simply pay the full amount that the normal time of monthly payment. Since the rent to own program is not a loan, you will find that you pay for your storage building very quickly.

Rent to own storage buildings in NC are a good choice if you would rather not have a credit check. Even those with low credit scores can participate because no inquiry into your credit score is made. Also, if you are not sure you will permanently need the storage buildings, such as if you are moving or have a guest that requires moving some items out of your home, you can simply have the storage building short term with the rent to own program.  Self storage is much easier and convenient even in the short term when working with rent to own. You can keep the storage building for as long as you can afford to make the payments. Should your circumstances change, you can arrange for the storage building to be picked up ASAP.

Better Built is here to assist you with your rent to own storage solutions in NC.