Storage Sheds Come All Shapes and Prices 

How is one to decipher the world of storage sheds? Prices on storage sheds can vary from just a couple hundred dollars all the way into the thousands, depending on quality and size. Here is some helpful information that will help you better understand the prices of storage sheds.

The $200-$500 Range 

This range is the cheapest for storage sheds. They normally consists of a metal box that looks like an out building. They’re sturdy enough to house the lawn mower and weed eater, but probably not weather-proof enough to store anything sensitive to humidity levels or temperature. They provide a basic solution, and for some this is plenty sufficient.

The $500-$1,000 Range 

In case prices on storage sheds weren’t confusing enough, imagine this: the $500-$1,000 range is diverse enough to include both empty metal boxes and customized wood-built sheds. This depends on size and location of purchase, but it’s pretty safe to say that this price range includes a mid-grade shed with one or two cool features, like a window or an operable swinging door. Size is a huge driving factor of the prices on storage sheds, but mid-range sheds are usually mid-quality and/or mid-sized.

The $1,000-$5,000 Range

This price point on storage sheds will always include some organizational or nice aesthetic features.  Whether that comes in the form of architectural shingles to match the main home on the property, or operable windows and features that make it possible to insulate later on to control the environment in the shed, this range includes some nice features but not a ton of specialized options.  It’s a nice range for someone needing extra storage for seasonal décor, but it isn’t the place to store extra electronics or valuables.

The $5,000 and up Range 

This is the range of prices on storage sheds that houses the most features and options, as well as the best quality. These buildings usually end up as more of an extension of the home, and are great to store valuables, and they’re great to bring multi-purpose living space outside the main home. They’re perfect for man-caves and kid’s clubhouses alike, and can even house electricity and some basic plumbing!

Regardless of a persons needs and price point, there’s a price on storage sheds for everyone.  They all help to de-clutter the main home and offer additional protection against the elements for belongings and other outdoor tools.