When was the last time you dared to venture down to the basement, only to quickly turnaround and be in dismay over the sheer amount of clutter that has accumulated over the years? Basements are a funny thing. This area of the house (if you are so fortunate to have one), whether finished or unfinished, usually transforms into excess storage space. When you first walked through the home for the first time and considered buying the property, you may have been inspired by “all the room I have down there”. Though as the years passed, more and more items (whether seasonal, sentimental, once useful or pure junk) simply get the pass to the basement where they are carelessly dumped and then neglected. Perhaps there was a day when you spent time making sure the basement storage was carefully organized. Then you got busier with work or kids and the organization down below went ignored. Now, the description of the basement is nothing short of a mess.

Have you ever considered a metal storage shed?

The metal storage shed is not something only reserved for a farm or ranch. It also cannot be only reduced to a ‘work shed’ where you store tools or lawn care. In fact, the options you have for a metal storage shed should be endless because the possibilities are most certainly a reality.

Simply put, the metal storage shed should no longer be viewed as only a “rural thing”. Metal storage units are popping up everywhere, including the suburbs and tiny lots scattered across downtown in metropolitan areas. You do not need acres to support a metal storage shed. Quite the opposite, actually. All you need is a little space in the backyard to find room for a shed that can help shelter and protect just about anything.

Metal is becoming more and more attractive when it comes to storage units, especially for homeowners who would like to buy instead of rent. Metal is far more stable and secure compared to cheap plastic or vinyl that some of the more basic self-storage sheds are composed of. Additionally, a metal storage shed requires much less upkeep compared to one built with wood. Wood sheds may look really nice and be painted or stained to match the rest of the property; however wood is susceptible to the weather, especially moisture, and the sun is brutal on the longevity of paint or stain.

Consequently, in a subtropical climate notorious for its humidity, why build an outdoor storage shed with an exterior material that is extremely vulnerable to moisture? Metal, on the other hand, may eventually rust from intense humidity, yet will last much longer.