Better Built offers a large variety of metal sheds for sale available in a wide range of sizes and styles. In fact, it only seems like the variety and selection has vastly increased over the last decade or so largely because the market – once reserved almost exclusively for businesses and other commercial lots – has expanded to the residential/private market.

It is debatable if new homes being constructed are getting bigger or smaller on average. One may argue that the actual structure of the house is getting bigger while the front and backyard is getting smaller. As a result, for those who prefer a little more distance between neighbors – new homes being constructed may appear bigger in stature yet smaller in a whole other facet. If you are on the other side of the spectrum and tend to agree that the size of new homes is overall bigger (though they can definitely vary based on region of the United States you’re in) then you may acknowledge that bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens are getting larger. Yet the amount of storage is about the same, if not less. Of course this poses a serious problem, as how can one expect a homeowner to live in a larger home with the capacity for more objects inside of it yet have about the same amount of storage as a smaller home established in the 1980s?

Metal sheds for sale are gaining widespread popularity within the residential market. Metal sheds or barns for storage used to be exclusive to agricultural or commercial settings where there were several acres to support a massive structure that could shelter anything from tools to heavy equipment. In these days, however, there is a growing demand for metal sheds for sale even with properties that have little or almost no backyard.


Metal sheds for sale are customizable and may be modified to fit within a confined space such as a small backyard. Metal is becoming a far more common material for shelter because it requires less upkeep compared to wooden storage buildings and is more durable compared to vinyl or heavy-duty plastic sheds.

Here are but a few of the reasons why metal is being selected to serve as the exterior and sometimes interior of a residential storage building:

  • Metal requires little to no maintenance after the initial installation. Your wife may not be happy with the appearance compared to a wood shed, but the exterior will demand much less upkeep. Wood is susceptible to moisture and prone to structural concerns later on down the road. Additionally, a combination of hot and cold weather with the sun applying intense pressure wears on the paint or stain and then forces you to reapply new coats in order to protect the wood. Not the case with metal.
  • Metal is also very durable. For example, it may bend but not break when a heavy limb from a tree next to the unit breaks and falls on its roof or side wall. The same may not be said about wood or vinyl, which is much more prone to break, possibly causing damage to objects housed inside as well.
  • Metal sheds for sale remain a viable option (if not rising in popularity) because they can be more securable and can provide more peace of mind when leaving for vacation or simply leaving your home. The metal sheds for sale on our lot have many different customizable options and can be built to suit your needs.