What is the difference between a carport and garage?

The dictionary defines the two as the following:

  • Carport: a shelter for a car consisting of a roof supported on posts, built beside a house
  • Garage: a building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles

As you can see from the above definitions, the primary difference between a carport and garage is that one is fully enclosed and the other is not. Also, a carport is traditionally disconnected from the rest of the house while a garage may or may not be. Metal garages are one of the most common types of garages that are disconnected from the rest of the house. Consequently, it sometimes is confused with a carport though that is not the case if the structure is fully enclosed and capable of providing heat and/or air conditioning.

Metal garages in NC have a number of advantages over carports, including:

  • Climate control: Because your standard NC metal garages are fully enclosed and insulated, you can more easily regulate the temperature inside even during seasons of extreme outdoor temperatures. Therefore, garages are drastically more popular in the Midwest and northern United States, because these regions of the country often deal with long, bitter cold winters. If you have any type of equipment or item in storage that is sensitive to room temperature, then you will likely benefit from investing in a garage. Additionally, heating in the winter can help increase the longevity of your car parts and make it much easier to fire up the engine in the morning compared to an automobile that has been parked outside all night. Lastly, it keeps the vehicle dry in case it rains or snows.
  • Added security: The crime rate may or may not be high where you reside, but it does not matter. Vehicles are one of the most targeted objects in the United States to break into. Many are parked onside and left unsupervised for several hours overnight when it is dark and most of us are sleeping. Cars are also expensive and usually have other items of value stored inside them. As a result, metal garages in NC will deliver necessary shelter and security for your automobiles, boats, campers, RVs, etc.
  • Additional storage: Even if you already have shelter for all your automobiles or recreational equipment, adding an extra garage can be a phenomenal opportunity to increase room for storage. Shelving can help maximize the storage space.
  • Creating a workspace: Depending on the size of the garage compared to the size of your vehicles, you may have enough room to reserve for a workspace. You may even desire to use the entire garage as a workspace. When it comes to NC metal garages and carports, the options are endless!