While South Carolina is only the 40th out of 50 states in terms of square miles (just over 30,000) it does have a lot of character in a rather small, confined area of land. For example, the population greatly exceeds its size as South Carolina is ranked in the lower half (23rd overall) in population with nearly five million residents. Therefore, the state is dense in population and rich with metal carports in many neighborhoods.

Metal carports in SC are a popular style of extra storage as they can survive the intense humidity common within the southeastern United States. The typical four seasons of South Carolina do not really change much regardless of if you reside in the capital of Columbia or identify the Greenville, Anderson and Mauldin metropolitan area as your land. It may even be somewhere in-between in rural SC.

Regardless, when it comes to carports it seems like metal is the most common component of the exterior. Metal does a really good job of sheltering whatever you park or store under the carport, because it is durable yet requires very little annual maintenance. Your typical kind of metal will go decades before rust begins to show and there are protective coatings you can apply to help prevent rust altogether. On the other hand, it will not absorb and then warp to moisture like wood does preventing the exterior surface. The only minor drawback to metal carports in SC is there are less options when it comes to decoration, whereas with wood you can paint or stain it however you please.

Despite its only flaw metal carports in SC are a really great addition to any property. It does not matter whether it will be the first opportunity to park your vehicles under overhead shelter or if you are adding more shelter for extra pieces of equipment such as a boat, camper, RV, tractor, mower or something else of that nature. Metal carports are reasonably priced, fairly straightforward to install, demand very little upkeep and keep your expensive pieces of private property dry and protected from nasty weather such as thunderstorms, hail, etc.