There is a reason that when you travel around the state metal carports in NC are far more common compared to wood or vinyl carports. In fact, in certain regions of North Carolina it is not uncommon to locate nearly as many metal carports as attached garages to the home, or a combination of the two.

Metal carports in NC are popular because steel or other types of metal provide fantastic shelter for the subtropical climate of the region. Along with the rest of the south, the humidity in North Carolina is ever-present. In the summers you do not need to move around much outside before sweat begins to accumulate on your forehead, arms, hands, legs and practically every other part of the body. In the winter, it remains consistent, though the amount of precipitation in your average year is not excessive. Additionally, because there are cold winter days – though it does not get below freezing near as frequently as the Midwest and northern United States – metal carports in NC can provide the same shelter as a garage yet at a much more affordable rate, because your automobiles or heavy pieces of machinery and equipment do not need to be fully insulated and heated for portions of the year.

Needless to say, it requires little-to-no convincing in order to understand why metal carports are so popular in this region of the United States. Here are a few other top selling points when you consider renting or owning metal carports in NC:

  • Metal fights back when the weather strikes: Perhaps you have heard that while wood works great for outdoor storage, you may have also learned that this type of building material does not handle the elements very well. On the contrary, metal is extraordinarily resilient to the weather. It can rust over time, yet we are talking decades not years. Meanwhile, with wood you’ll need to constantly protect its base by reapplying paint or stain.
  • Metal can protect items stored inside during extreme accidents: Are you worried about a ruthless hail storm? What about that beloved oak tree in the backyard that no one wants to see go because of a new carport yet with a fallen branch could easily bust through the roof or side wall and produce considerable damage to your goods stored inside? Metal is not bulletproof though it does have the potential to help soften a blow from the unexpected.
  • Metal is very customizable: It can be easily modified to specific dimensions if you are tight on space within the property or have certain demands such as a high ceiling for parking heavy equipment like front end loaders, dump trucks or tractors.