North Carolina has a very rich history rooted initially with the habitation of Native Americans such as the Cherokee, Roanoke, Machapunga and Catawba tribes, then American colonization, the Revolutionary War and, finally, the American Civil War. It is a very beautiful climate with lots of history. Needless to say it comes as no surprise that North Carolina is the ninth most populated state in America. There is a reason over ten million people reside here with millions more visiting each year despite the state taking up only 53,819 square miles of space.

Therefore, metal carports in NC are very common. Why? North Carolina has an even mixture of open space and heavily dense populations in cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh. Geographically speaking, Carolina is also a very comfortable climate to live in. Sure, there are four definite seasons with some cool winter days, though snow is not common, especially in the east. During the summer, the coastal region is a pathway to a plethora of beaches and activities near the Atlantic Ocean. In the west, one can appreciate a portion of the Appalachian Mountains including North Carolina’s highest point – Mount Mitchell (elevation 6,684 feet).

North Carolina is also home to several noteworthy higher education institutes including the UNC, Duke University, NC State, Wake Forest and Appalachian State. As a result, several landlords seek metal carports in NC, because they can be a cheaper alternative to a full-fledged garage for college students that often only need a rental for a year or two. Metal carports in NC are also frequently found in the rural districts where tobacco, furniture and textiles are extraordinarily common exports. Therefore, commercial manufacturers big and small often install metal carports to house heavy equipment and machinery associated with its production.

Regardless of the size, metal carports in NC are and will remain a staple. They are more than adequate in sheltering automobiles, heavy-equipment, recreational vehicles and tools from the elements, including heavy rains that can appear without much notice in this humid, subtropical climate.

In conclusion, metal carports in NC will increase the longevity of anything you store under their roofs. It is true carports do not completely insulate your cargo, so climate control of heat or air conditioning is not an option. However, if that is not of importance to you, consumers can save a lot of money renting or buying a carport.