Finding a Sustainable Metal Carport

Different carports serve different purpose and hence planning ahead of time is crucial; identify the purpose for its purchase, and the budget you have in mind. These factors act like guidelines to help you choose the best kind of carport that would work well in your home.

Basically, there are two types of carports; the I-beam metal carport and a much common light gauge carport that comes with its own kit too. When working with Better Built, regardless of what you choose, you will find it durable for your Greenville NC metal carports. Here are some two factors to consider when purchasing a metal carport:

Place of Residence

You should be aware that strong structures last longer since they are able to withstand a lot of weather and seismic conditions. In some cases, you may choose to go with smaller temporary structure. No matter what you choose, bear in mind that you’re not just investing in a building but rather in what’s protecting it.

Light gauge steel carports are only functional in areas that are not prone to winds; like Arizona or in Texas. However, you have to check out if the light gauge metal carports in Greenville NC are “certified” for use according to local regulations.

On the other hand, light gauges made of I-beams are able to withstand virtually anything while providing strength to the whole light gauge structure.

Purpose of Usage

A lot of consumers prefer using the hard Greenville NC metal carports than the light gauge ones, but in some instances, the light gauges are more effective regardless of the weather condition. Here are some of these scenarios:

  • If the consumer plans on storing hay.
  • If the customer plans on using the carport to park a car.

Working with Better Built

Having worked with various clients, Better Built is able to meet all your needs. Without exceptions, we partner with clients to get a “feel” of what their expectation and try to bring that to reality.