Choosing Between an Aluminum or Steel Carport

If you are in the market searching for quality metal carports, I’m pretty sure you have come across the wide range of metal carports and realized that there are a variety of customization options to choose from. In fact, different manufacturers use different materials to manufacture quality NC metal carports.

However, what’s always been a challenge for most people, perhaps you came across this too, is choosing between aluminum and steel carports. Most people ask the question, “Which option is better for me: the aluminum carport or the steel carport?” Well, we might not exactly have a sure answer for this question since there are a number of factors involved in identifying the most suitable carport material. Nonetheless, we will look at both options aiming to help you find the best metal carport in NC.

To start us off, it’s important that you know that both metal types have their advantages and thus depend on an individual’s purpose of purchase. Regardless of the purpose, here are some factors to consider when looking for a suitable metal carport NC:

  1. Maintenance

Surprisingly, both aluminum and steel carports have very low maintenance. Furthermore, both of them are highly resistant to rust unless subjected to extreme oxidation conditions without frequent maintenance. Despite this, if you live near saltwater it’s highly recommendable to get an aluminum carport as it’s less likely to develop rust coatings.

  1. Safety

I know it’s not a common thing for most people to consider safety but with the current turn of events, this is probably a very crucial factor to consider especially in areas where fire is a bigger threat than corrosion. How do you determine the better of the two in regards to safety? Here’s the catch – you have to identify the material that is more resistant to heat and fire and in this case it’s steel. Why? Well, aluminum tends to start softening at around 400 Degrees F.

  1. Strength

Let’s face it: who wouldn’t want a strong carport? Perhaps that’s the reason you decided to look for the most suitable metal carport instead of the one made from wood materials. In this case, steel is stronger than aluminum. That’s because steel weighs more and is much thicker than aluminum.

  1. Aesthetics

Usually, this is consider as a minor factor but does go a long way. Would you love to have a carport that after several years appears so “bare”? If you wouldn’t, then get the steel carport. Aluminum carports tend to appear “ugly” as they age.

What Better Built USA Offers

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