When it comes to deciding on a type of building material for your new storage unit, it is important to make the right decision. Wood and vinyl have their own pros and cons. Problem is neither is very dependable in the notorious subtropical climate of South Carolina. Why? The state is directly linked to the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Atlantic Ocean (not to mention the Appalachian Mountains to the west) which makes South Carolina sit in a very distinct climate plentiful with humidity. Consequently, the longevity of wood on a shed (because it is extremely vulnerable to moisture) and vinyl (because it is cheaper to produce and thus less sturdy) do pose a considerable amount of problems especially when linked to the Carolinas.

Is metal your top option?

When you take a look at the top 30 metal buildings in SC – some marked historical or famous – one trend stands out: they have withstood the test of time. In a very similar manner, metal can do the exact same thing for your storage shed, barn, cottage or loft.

Types of Steel Buildings

  • Arch type: Also known as Quonset Huts, arch type steel buildings are very common. Arch type buildings are extraordinarily affordable and serve well in the agricultural industry because of the high roofs. Since arch type steel is prefabricated, the consumer will save money on the storage as well as time during installation. Please compare and contrast the most popular 30 metal buildings in SC to see why this was a popular style after World War II.
  • I-Beam or Clear Span: The clear span design is built with straight walls and a rigid support frame. They have quite possibly replaced arch type steel buildings as the most popular form for not only manufacturing but also self-storage. I-Beam buildings present an easy way for portions of the interior to be divided with walls or doors.
  • Multiple Span: Much like the clear span design, multiple span steel buildings feature straight walls and I-beam trusses. They go a step further by providing internal support columns for additional stability.

Types of Metal

  • As previously stated, steel is the most common type of metal for buildings, especially commercial buildings. It is an alloy of iron and carbon offering a mixture of different metals and used on everything from automobiles to machines to ships.
  • When you look at the most legendary steel buildings in SC another property regarding metal is noteworthy. Not only is metal extremely durable but also surprisingly flexible. Do you not agree? Consider the flexibility that lighter metals such as aluminum and titanium
  • Whether it is steel or stainless steel, some of the more well-constructed 30 metal buildings in SC have a wealth of it. In conclusion, metal is probably the best type of material you can use for the exterior of a storage unit – regardless of purpose or design.