Whether you own a commercial or residential home, you could always use the extra room. Installing a metal garage is one of the greatest ways to add space, whether for storage, parking, farm usage, or multipurpose uses. Metal structures are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability, flexibility, and advantages. However, you might be wondering how much a steel building costs if you want to add one to your land.


What may surprise you is that metal buildings typically cost less in the long run than traditional wood or brick constructions. With that in mind, the following is a guide that covers all of the factors that influence the price of a metal building.


Aspects that Influence the Cost of a Steel or Metal Garage


Steel or metal garages are an effective way to protect your vehicles from the elements. However, the cost of a steel or metal garage can vary depending on several factors, including size, style, and location.


The larger the structure, the higher the expense. The larger your garage is, the more materials are needed to construct your building kit. It’s worth noting that as the size of your building grows, the cost per square foot decreases typically.


The style of your garage also plays a role in the overall cost. For example, a basic metal garage is typically less expensive than one that features a more intricate design, such as a gabled roof or arched doorway. However, if you’re looking for a custom look, be prepared to pay more for add-on costs.


The price of your project can also be affected by its location. For example, if you’re building in an area with a high cost of living, you can expect to pay more for your steel or metal garage than someone in a more rural area. Additionally, suppose your property is located in an area prone to severe weather conditions, such as high winds or hurricanes, you may need to invest in a more durable building kit, which will add to the overall cost.


Complexity and Design

A simple garage isn’t overly complicated. However, the more sophisticated the building’s design becomes, the more expensive the kit will be to produce. Additional windows, ventilation, insulation, and other amenities might raise costs.


Aside from the size and form of your building, some other options can increase the cost of your metal garage kit. The ultimate price, for example, can vary depending on the roof style, walls and trim, steel type, garage door and window options, and any insulation you choose to include in your kit.

Steel Prices Right Now

Steel prices are highly dependent on the present market. Steel prices are affected by a variety of domestic and international factors. Steel prices are affected by the demand for steel, tariffs, wars, natural catastrophes, and the economy.


The cost of your metal building will also be determined by the type of foundation you choose. It might be possible to construct the structure on an existing concrete base. However, if you don’t have a finished foundation, you’ll need to level the area, clear it, and lay a foundation.

Installation And Delivery

Metal garage kits must be brought to your property and erected on-site because they are pre-fabricated. Although this is less expensive than having a building built from the ground up, it will still add to your total cost.


Additional Considerations When Purchasing a Garage Kit

If you’re in the market for a garage kit, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Foundation and leveling

The foundation for your metal construction is more complicated than you might think. To support a metal structure, loose dirt and topsoil must be removed from the location, and the earth must be crushed and stabilized. Depending on your soil, ramming equipment may be required to compact it. This ensures that the ground beneath the structure does not change.

Installation Preparation

Preparing for installation entails more than just ensuring a robust and stable base. You must also label any utility lines that run beneath your installation site and guarantee proper drainage to avoid water or flooding damage to your building. In addition, you may need to hire a grading service if the site isn’t on an elevated and level area with slopes leading away from all four corners.

Garage Kit Alternatives

Metal garage kits can be customized in various ways to match your individual needs. The cost of these customization options will be added to the total. Some of the possibilities include, for example:

  1. Placement of doors, such as man doors and garage doors

  2. Placement of windows

  3. Insulation

  4. Size

  5. Style of construction…

  6. and more


Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Our Garage Kits

Some of the most frequently asked questions about our Better Built metal garage kits are answered below:

What does a metal garage kit include?

All of the necessary components for installation are included in our metal garage kits. This contains all of the anchor bolts and fasteners and the panels that will be joined together to form the arches. Additional accessories such as doors, windows, and insulation may be included depending on your unique modification needs.

Is it possible to acquire a customized steel garage kit?

Yes. From the form and size of the metal building to the addition of accessories, we provide a wide range of customization possibilities. Your metal garage can also benefit from ventilation and insulation. For additional information on our customizing choices, please chat with one of our consultants.


Metal Shops & Garages

Do you require additional storage space for your vehicles or tools? Our metal carports and garages are ideal for those who don’t have access to a garage or need extra room. Our Charlotte metal building professionals can assist you in finding an enclosure to safeguard your vehicles or belongings.


Steel garages in Kannapolis, NC, are used for various reasons, but many people use them to protect their belongings from theft, pests, and the outdoors. (We all know how unpredictable Carolina weather can be.) A steel garage enclosure will keep your belongings safe and functioning correctly.


Customize Metal Garages


Your steel garage, man cave, or shop can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors and add insulation, roll-up or walk-in doors, windows, and additional security features. Choose your roof design and color, the side and trim colors, and any other customizations you like, and our metal building experts will take care of the rest! Your custom metal garage can be designed to blend in with the rest of your home or to stand out. It’s entirely up to you.

Metal Garages | Perfection, Quality, and More

Better Built metal buildings are made of residential-grade tubular steel for strength and durability you won’t find anywhere else! Steel is an excellent choice for these structures since it is fire, rust, mold, and termite resistant.


When you buy a metal building from Better Built, you’re receiving more than a good product. In addition, you’ll receive the best customer service and experience in the area. Our professionals are well-versed in designing and constructing a range of metal buildings. They will work closely with you to create the ideal metal building to fit your specific demands at a reasonable price.


Simply ask our specialists, and we’ll gladly give recommendations depending on your specific requirements. The planning and building process is entirely customized for you!