Why Better Built USA offers The Best Storage Facilities

Over the decades, Better Built USA has provided high quality Charlotte NC storage. The continuous flow of more customers requiring the same services has been attributed to several factors. Here are some:

Better Unit Sizes

Better Built USA, as it was morphing to suit the needs of its clients, realized that different clients required different storage units. However, some of them reluctantly wanted larger garage size storage. Better Built USA has acquired several large sized storages, which, fortunately, can be customized depending on the client’s needs. So whether you want storage for your artwork, wine or cereals to keep it dry and free from rodents, give us a call. We will have it set up in no time.

Additional Features

At times, you may need more space for your car and another one for your items. Purchasing two storage units may not be cost effective. However, with Better Built USA we can provide both the storage and car park in one single unit. Most of our large Charlotte NC storage units have adequate space for storage and a parking lot.


One of the most assumed factors, safety, can lead to severe loss of valuable materials. That’s why we have developed our storage in Charlotte NC using the latest security technology ensuring there’s tight round the clock security. Better Built USA secures your storage against thieves and natural disasters such as floods and lightening.


Working with Better Built USA means working with the top-notch professionals in North Carolina. From the guys who set up the storage facilities, to those in charge of machinery and security, all of our workers are trained to handle anything including dangerous cargo. In addition, all of workers, even the new ones, go through hands-on training to perfect their skills.