Why it’s Necessary to Own Carports in Greenville, NC


Let’s face it: North Carolina is humid and miserable in the summer. Temperatures soar to near 110 degrees Fahrenheit, humidity feels like it has to be way above 100%, and going outside is a burden. But one of the worst things about the summer is the sun beating down on a car’s fresh, sparkly paint job. This is why carports in Greenville NC are an almost a necessity.  They not only shield the vehicle from the heat-inducing sun, but they protect its exterior from paint damage and other sun-related damages.


Here’s another fact: North Carolina actually gets cold in the winter, too.  It may not be sub-zero most of the time, but overnight dew can freeze and make getting to work in the early hours on time almost impossible, between the window scraping and engine-warming time. This is another instance that a garage or carport in Greenville NC comes in handy. Why spend countless hours scraping car windows throughout the winter when a Greenville, NC carport can shield from the elements?


Most homeowners would prefer an attached garage. They’re insulated, they’re shielded on all sides, and they protect against intruders, vandals, or thieves who are curious about what’s inside a vehicle—or worse, who would want to steal the vehicle itself. But, truthfully, most homeowners can’t afford an attached garage addition, and Greenville is no exception.  Greenville, NC offers carports at an extremely affordable price through Better Built USA.


Better Built USA offers carports at a fraction of the cost of an attached garage, but they’re customizable and well-built nonetheless. Executed by a team of friendly, experienced professionals, Better Built USA offers Greenville NC carports that will rival even the fanciest of attached garages.  They’re custom designed, hand constructed, and assembled on the property by trained and skilled workers who are friendly, cordial, and respect the property on which they’re working.


The market offers almost any storage or garage solution imaginable, and Better Built USA ensures that each customer receives the best their features have to offer. They work individually with customers to ensure that they understand their lifestyle, property, and needs so they can construct a carport in Greenville NC that will satisfy even the most unique needs and desires a customer can have.


The difference Better Built USA makes in customer satisfaction is the same difference made by Chick-Fil-A in the restaurant world.  Where Chick-Fil-A ensures an experience that surpasses every other fast food restaurant, Better Built USA offers an experience with Greenville NC carports and storage buildings that rivals even the best custom-built buildings.


This experience begins with a customer who’s in need of an outside building or carport in Greenville, NC.  Said customer visits one of Better Built USA’s locations in North Carolina, where he/she is met at the door by a representative who is personally invested in the customer’s every desire and need. They evaluate the customer’s property, storage needs, and carport expectations, and they help to select which added features will best fit the client’s Greenville NC carport or outside building needs. A professional designer is on hand to design a building that meets all these needs, includes all these features, and will stand the test of time once the skilled craftsman brings the design to life.


The best part about Better Built USA’s outside buildings and carports in Greenville, NC is that the exceptional customer service doesn’t stop in-house. When the delivery takes place on the outside building or carport in Greenville, NC, the homeowner is met by a friendly, professional, and extremely capable builder who will assemble the correct design flawlessly and efficiently.


There really is no better solution for outside buildings and carports in Greenville, NC than Better Built USA!