Choosing the Right Surface for Your Carport

Have you ever considered the effect of a poor surface on your carport? I’m pretty sure these are some of the things many people overlook. Well, a good carport surface can be installed virtually anywhere and still protect your vehicle from any environmental and weather damage regardless of whether it’s installed in a steel or aluminum carport.

However, there are so many types of surfaces that can be installed and therefore, we will look at each one of their pros and cons to help you make the best decision for your Carport NC.


Pretty much most carports have concrete foundation. That is because concrete surfaces are highly durable and readily available from different stores. In addition, concrete surfaces offer the highest level of protection from any harmful element. In fact, most companies provide concrete surfaces for their clients’ Carports NC.

Nonetheless, the downside of these surfaces is their price and amount of work involved. Let’s face it: we are talking about concrete here. It’s not as cheap and easily found as sand, dirt or grass surfaces. Furthermore, you must work with companies that have skilled workers who are acquainted with installing concrete surfaces, like those in Better Built USA.

If you’re looking for something more intricate for your carport surface, you may want to consider an interlocking stone paver company.


Looking for a suitable intermediate between bare earth and concrete foundation? Then opt for gravel. One of the distinguishing factors between gravel and the other type of surfaces is its ability to offer good drainage and protection from the earth’s freezing water. That means gravel will protect your Carport NC for a longer period provided the sand beneath it is very solid.

Sadly, gravel is also expensive and requires an extended period to prepare. Moreover, gravel cannot just be placed anywhere because it does not protect from surfaces made up of softer soil.

Bare Earth

Soil or grasses are among the most common choices for most people. Certainly, it’s free. In most cases, you may need to level the ground before installing the carport. However, being free, you may be faced with a lot of challenges. For starters, dirt degrades faster than any other material. Therefore, you cannot be assured of durability or sustainability. In addition, it does not offer much protection from floods or mud.