Best Storage Sheds for You

One type of shed that is a very good option for anyone is a 12×20 size storage shed. It has a lot of space for larger mowers and items, but it still affords a lot more room for other items – seasonal decorations, educational items, keepsakes, and more. If you want to have space for special projects usually held in your garage, you can also do that. This is a good solution to using your garage, where some of that mess can easily get dragged into the house. The best storage sheds allow enough space to do several things at once.

Although 12×20 is the best size for many homeowners, the best storage sheds can also be any size. Your project can be customized to your very specific storage shed needs. The cost of the shed will vary if you are going to buy an already made shed versus building one from scratch. Choosing higher quality materials will raise the price but extend the life of the best storage sheds.

Better Built wants to help you with some of the best storage sheds on the market. If you start with a low-wall structure, it will be a lower price than a high-wall storage shed. Taking a careful look at what types of storage sheds are available will give you a good idea of what kind of shed would meet your needs the best.

You can fit a lot into storage sheds. The 12×20 model gives you enough space to store bigger items like lawnmowers 4-wheelers, golf carts etc while still allowing for you to store your other items. Equipment that is used seasonally can be out of the way yet still easily accessible. This is so much more convenient than trying to climb into an attic or wade through an over-stuffed garage.

When you have your storage shed in place, be sure to organize it so that you can still move around. If you simple randomly shove items into this space, even the best storage sheds can become a hazardous place just like the overpacked garage or attic you may be trying to avoid. Adding shelves to your storage shed can keep things more organized and more floor space available to walk or create whatever project you are working on.

Storage sheds have many roofing options. If you choose a high-wall storage shed, you will have more space, but the roof really should just be something durable and to your taste.